Flight of the Skyhawk, A John Stone Thriller

An assassin on their trail, a buried secret, and time is running out...
Former Delta Force operator John Stone had no idea a nuclear device was out in the open. But when he accepts an assignment to protect a beautiful Israeli Mossad agent, she reveals the terrifying plot, and the chase is on.
The weapon, secretly stolen and hidden for fifty years, was known to exist by only one man. Now, that man is dead and the weapon disappears without a trace.
Together, Stone and the female agent are compelled to follow a bizarre trail of clues to track it down. But they find themselves in the assassin's crosshairs, and the bomb is on its final countdown...

“Undoubtedly one of the best thrillers I’ve read in years.”

Phoenix Fatale - a Peyton Phoenix Thriller

A broken beer bottle, a woman's scream, then all hell breaks loose
Peyton's one mistake had been stepping into that notorious biker bar. But when a shadowy figure emerges to save her, he leaves a wake of destruction in his path.
Now with seven of their gang dead, the bikers are looking for revenge and will stop at nothing to kill her. As Peyton goes into hiding, she knows that if she is to survive, she'll have to overcome her fears and take the fight to them.
As her inner rage boils over, Peyton inadvertently endangers her friends. And against impossible odds she must face the ultimate choice, to risk her life, or lose everything.
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Hollywood Blockbuster

Ripe with SUSPENSE, INTRIGUE and RIVETING ACTION, Nathan Goodman’s beautifully written novel preys upon our worst fears: Terrorism in our own backyard. LIKE JOHN GRISHAM'S THE FIRM, The Fourteenth Protocol has a plot that keeps you guessing and an ending that will leave you hungry for more.
- Michael Lucker, Screenwriter to Paramount, Disney, DreamWorks, Fox, Universal

The Story

What would it take to infiltrate a terror cell, and eviscerate it?
Waseem Jarrah is the new, ruthless face of terror in the United States, and the CIA will stop at nothing to break him. But how far is too far? As the lines blur between good and evil, fledgling FBI agent Jana Baker thrashes in the midst of an epic battle to prove her worth, not only to fellow agents, but to herself. In this spider's web of conspiracy and intrigue, Agent Baker's struggles against evil and her own fears take her to the edge of the abyss, and the clock is ticking.



Nathan Goodman lives in the United States with his wife and two daughters. His passions are rooted in all things outdoors: the health of our beaches and oceans, camping, and hiking.

He has two Nathan A. Goodman, Author"bucket list" items: to live on the beach, and to one day hike the 500-mile Camino trail across Spain.

The craft of writing has always been lurking just beneath the surface. In 2013, Goodman began the formation of what would later become The Fourteenth Protocol. When published, it quickly became a bestselling international terrorist thriller.

He is presently writing more works for The Special Agent Jana Baker Spy-Thriller Series which focuses on a fledgling female FBI agent trying to prove herself in a federal agency run by men, and over-run by terrorists.

In the series, Goodman focused on crafting a strong female lead heroine that his young daughters could look to as a role model.

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